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Hi, I'm Maf

I'm a IT Engineer with a passion for development. Beside of that, I also able to manage networking, troubleshooting any IT problem that provide real value to the end user. More than 12 years have experience in professional company. Analyzing the problem in real life and make the solution is my target.

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East Java, Indonesia.

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System Developers

PT. Indofood (Indolakto) / 2 years experience active to present

Developing the system for Automation and Enterprise for Industry 4.0.

IT. Big Data Engineer

PT. SINA HK Group / 1 years experience

Analyzing the raw data production, strategy, and management to valueable data

IT Engineer

PT. Rockwell Automation PTE. LTD. Southest Asia / 4 years experience

Developing the system Oil and Gas, like Terminal Management System.

IT Administrator

PT. Boma Bisma Indra (Persero) / 5 years experience

Management IT, handling the network and any IT solutions.

My Skills

Server Management 70%


JavaScript 80%

React JS 70%

Vue Js 90%

Troubleshooting 99%

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Quality Production

Detailed Item (Automation Reporting)

Detailed Item (Indofood)

Detailed Item (Indolakto)

Detailed Item (Indolakto)

Detailed Item (HP)

Detailed Item (PTT)

Detailed Item (Production)

Detailed Item (Transporter)

Detailed Item (TMS - Minahasa)

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Yes, I have. Both networking and personal computer hardware as my base skills. Based on my experience that's will be the other side to handle at all. Also, I have informal studying on this, technique, and procedural of maintaining.

In actuality, I'm a FullStack developer that means I can handle the Back End and Front End together, you can see this link of my preview recent project, Click here. But it doesn't mean I'm not able to work with the team, I used to work with a team full-stack depending on the requirement.

Well, I'm definitely flexible with any language, both server-side or client-side, even mobile side. But I using the major language C# and to Java & Kotlin, also I able to write PHP with Laravel Frameworks.

Yes, I use native technology with great performance or with hybird technology like Dart Language or Flutter which means android or ios in the single code base. Not many mobile developments I have but I will support on this as a professional.

There are many popular methodologies, like Agile, Scrum, DevOps. I will use any methodology as suitable conditions based on a few factors, team, time, company, and others.

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Pasuruan City, Jawa Timur


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